Fools Paradise Super Professional ( Director’s cut ) 1st photo

早幾個月前,大家必定記得有一套搪膠玩具,以經典的電動遊戲角色加上另一套經典電影角色,交替融合而誕生,名字為 Super Professional。這套玩具的出現令到整個網絡瘋狂傳播並大家都非常渴望擁有一套收藏,而我們的網店也曾接受過預購並且極速售完。直至今天還有很多人查問會否能再訂購,但經過 Fools Paradise的確認,這版本是不會再生產發售,但取而代之的是有新的版本出現,並命名為 Super Professional Director's Cut。

今次的預購時間還沒有確認,因為這版本將會於上海玩具展率先公開發售,預購將會在展後才開始,而 KF 早幾天已先觀賞過這版本並為 Fools Paradise 拍攝了官方產品照。今次先送上一張照片看看,在公佈發售之前,我們會率先公佈所有圖片,密切留意!

Few months ago, Fools Paradise released a set of Vinyl Toy called Super Professional that inspired by a Classic Video Game also a Classic Film, which made the whole world crazy and trying to get a set for collection. KF did the PRE ORDER of this set and sold out quickly! We all know that you guys want to order this set until now but sad that Fools Paradise confirmed "will not release this version anymore" but they will release another version called Super Professional (Director's Cut). 

Actually we saw the whole set already and shot the photos for Fools Paradise Official use, they do not confirm the PRE ORDER date yet, but confirmed will release in Shanghai Toy Show first before the PRE ORDER. Here is the first preview photo that we can show you. We will show you all the photos before the official launch, stay tuned.


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