BEOPLAY E8 | 醇黑與醇白限量版

Bang & Olufsen於較早前在美國拉斯維加斯舉行的CES 2018中宣佈 Beoplay E8隆重推出特別限量版新色醇黑和醇白。

源於黑白單色美學,Beoplay E8 醇黑和醇白兩款新色呈現出極致對比與融合的魅力,各自擁有相反的力量卻又有緊密聯繫。這兩款新色所展現出的簡約及自然的風格不僅引領一種流行趨勢,更代表了時尚、藝術、設計和攝影愛好者們所崇尚的生活方式。

Beoplay E8 醇黑和醇白兩款新色是Beoplay E82018年內會陸續發售的特別限量版系列中首發的兩種顏色。此系列旨在讚美攜手一生夥伴間獨一無二的默契和永不歇息的熱情。全新的顏色將會燃起世界各地不同音樂愛好者的激情,並啟發他們追尋與眾不同的美學體驗。

Bang & Olufsen expanded its Beoplay E8 portfolio with a Special Edition Collection, by launching two limited colors – Beoplay E8 All White and Beoplay E8 All Black.

Drawing on the monochrome philosophy of black and white, the two Beoplay E8 All White and All Black represent the synergy of contrast and the way seemingly opposite forces are interconnected in their duality. The minimalist and timeless nature of these two colors has made the black and white monochrome more than a trend, but a lifestyle embodied by fashion, art, design or photography aficionados.

Beoplay E8 All White and Beoplay E8 All Black are the first two colors of the E8 Special Edition Collection that will be announced in 2018. The special collection will celebrate one-of-a-kind movements, interests that turn into lifetime companions, and passions that never stop. A new color will be dedicated to different passionate communities around the world, looking for experiences of beauty.

Beoplay E8在提供高質素音效的同時亦彰顯出簡潔型格的設計風格,其所採用的高品質設計材料及舒適流暢的聆聽體驗,充分展現出Bang & Olufsen悠久傳承九十餘載的精髓。

防濺和防塵設計令Beoplay E8用家可以隨時享受聆聽體驗。透明模式功能使環境聲音融入用家的聆聽中。無論是聽音樂、曲目切換、打電話、啟動透明模式或語音命令,無需依靠智能手機操作,用家只需透過耳機上的觸摸介面就可以操控一切。

Beoplay E8 exude simplicity and style while delivering industry-leading sound, a seamless listening experience on the move and a design in premium materials that remains at the heart of the Bang & Olufsen heritage.

Splash and dust resistant, Beoplay E8 is designed for an effortless listening experience on the move and comes with an audio-transparency feature called Transparency Mode, which lets you tune into your surroundings. From listening to music and switching between tracks, to taking calls and activating Transparency Mode and voice commands, everything is controlled by the intuitive touch interface on the earphones, so you don’t have to take your smartphone out of your pocket.


Beoplay E8可以在一次充電後提供長達四個小時的音樂播放,其便攜式充電盒的使用也十分便利,只需將兩隻耳機插入充電盒便可自動充電,提供兩次額外的完全充電。Beoplay E8內置袖珍磁鐵,自動貼合充電盒的凹槽進行充電,為您的下一次出行積蓄能量。

Bang & Olufsen的音響工程師將Beoplay E8的音效調整得豐富、圓潤且細緻,能夠帶來獨特視聽享受,有效減低長戴聽歌的聽覺疲勞。用家可通過Android 作業系統裝置、iPhoneApple Watch控制Beoplay App,便能調節耳機的音量和聲調;調整音效以方便用家在不同的場合使用,如外出工作及聽廣播等;監控電池用量;通過無線更新軟體。

Beoplay E8 delivers up to four hours of music on one charge, and two additional charges on the move from the pocket-friendly leather charging case. As Beoplay E8 has small magnets built into each earphone, clicking them into the charging case will automatically power down the earphones and start to charge them, so they are ready for your next move.

The Beoplay E8 headphones come tuned by acclaimed Bang & Olufsen sound engineers for a rich, full-bodied and precise soundstage, and to provide the best in class sound profile that prevents listening fatigue. For a personalized listening experience, the Beoplay App is designed to control Beoplay E8 and lets you adjust the tonality and sound staging, control the music and find the right profile to match your sound preferences, monitor the battery status, or receive software updates over the air.

Beoplay E8 現推出兩款限量顏色:醇黑和醇白。建議零售價:港幣2,698元。將在Bang & Olufsen專門店及連卡佛限量發售。

Beoplay E8 All White and Beoplay E8 All Black will be priced at HK$2,698. Both colors are available at Bang & Olufsen stores and Lane Crawford. Included with the headphones are premium leather charging case, five ear tips and charging cable.

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