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COMBACK to the Future Backpack

COMEBACK to the Future

The ultimate accessory for you to match with the upcoming power-lacing Nike MAG launching in 2016 Spring. The COMBACK to the Future backpack is limited to 300 pieces worldwide and every piece is numbered. Featuring futuristic motifs found on the Nike MAG, the backpack also incorporates the famous flowing lights on the bottom and sides. It was firstly launched in last December in two Nike retailers by raffle in Guangzhou, XH55 and Soar. Each store was allocated with 25 pieces and hundreds of customers were participated in each store during the release.

You must have heard about GC911, he is the owner of XH55 and one of the greatest Nike influencers in China. His Instagram pictures are widely used by sneaker and fashion websites around the world everyday. He is the head of the COMBACK to the future project. It took them 15 months to make the project happened, from design to production. All backpacks were sold out in China in December with official price tag at RMB415 and quickly went over RMB2000 in after market. China celebrity, and Shanghai NPC owner, Nic Li also owns one and showing off on social media.

We are glad to be the only shop outside China to have very limited quantity allocated officially. Take this chance to get them on March 21.

Retail price: HK$499 / US$65

Mar 16 to Mar 20 - In-store raffle submission

Mar 21 - Launch day
Online - 00:00 HKT (GMT+0800) mid-night release on
In-store - Raffle winners may purchase the backpack


Brand Story

Established in 2004, COMBACK is a China Brand based in Guangzhou specialized in Bag production. Aiming at producing superior quality bag yet keep updating its design and functionality to match with the current needs of market.

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