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Throwback Thursday : KF Crew with Nike SB Team Hong Kong Tour "Year of the Cock" 2005

2003 is the year that NIKE SB officially general release in HK, everyone is crazy about NIKE Dunk SB but actually not really much of them really into the NIKE SB Team at that moment. 2 years later, the NIKE SB team started a Asia Tour called "Year of the Cock" and HK is one of the places!

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Throw Back Thursday - Nike Air Force 1 25th Anniversary Event in Hong Kong (We were there!)

Since this year is the Nike Air Force One 35th Anniversary, our first Throw Back Topic must be the Nike Air Force One 25th Anniversary in Hong Kong, which Kix-Files Crew were there and did a feature also interview with Futura, Stash, Bobbito Garcia! 

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