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Details Check | Nike x acronym Vapormax Moc 2 Neon


Not really feeling this pair, I think the ad of this pair is better than the shoe honestly, but I have to say it is look better a lot after wore this on.

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Detail Check | adidas Originals = Pharrell Williams Hu Holi Powder Dye NMD

整體來說染色效果比想像中更好,而較為淺色的那款比照片更美,令我們更難取捨要穿那一雙!另外,不要遺忘了黑紫色那雙,染色部份其實收藏在鞋內,而整個設計有人覺得像 Chanel 和 NERD 那一雙,你們覺得呢?

Seriously the dye looks better a lot than what we imagine and somehow the dyed one in lighter color looks much better than photo, hard to choose! BTW, don’t forget the black and purple one, the dyed materials in the inner part and some peoples think that it looks like the Chanel / NERD one, what do you think?

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