Throw Back Thursday - Nike Air Force 1 25th Anniversary Event in Hong Kong (We were there!)

Since this year is the Nike Air Force 1 35th Anniversary, our first Throw Back Topic must be the Nike Air Force 1 25th Anniversary in Hong Kong, which Kix-Files Crew were there and did a feature also interview with Futura, Stash, Bobbito Garcia! 

The party started at night and guests came through the showroom to read the history of AF1 and there are lot of RARE AF1 showcased like HTM, Stash, Roc-A-Fella (which is release soon in 35th), Shady Records (Eminem) and more!

The guest list was crazy too, besides the guys we interviewed, Hiroshi Fuijwara, Edison Chen, Jeff Staple, Eric So, Michael Lau and lots of to mention. That day was one of our best memories and hope that something will happen same like this during 35th Anniversary.

Finally, maybe you guys will ask where to check back the interview, sorry we lost the data but lucky that we have the photos with the print screens of old Kix-Files site, check the interview out !i

by Hasheeme

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