When Toys meet Sneakers : Bounty Hunter x atmos x Reebok INSTAPUMP FUR | KIX-FILES

When Toys meet Sneakers : Bounty Hunter x atmos x Reebok INSTAPUMP FURY

Toy + Sneakers always is the fun collaboration, back in the days there are quite a lot of collaborations, the most famous for new generation should be Kaws x Nike, but if you think about who create this trend, it should be Bounty Hunter. As we remember, most of the design of Bounty Hunter Collaborations only for the shoes, not coming with the vinyl toy as you know their toys are rare and collectible.

In 2016, Bounty Hunter did a collaboration with atmos, Packer Shoes and Reebok, they chose the iconic INSTAPUMP FURY in the Bounty Hunter "Black & White" colour, Bounty Hunter's Logos are appeared on the PUMP, Heel also theFootbed. These designs for most of the people should be familiar but one more thing surprising them : the famous iconic "SKULL-KUN" from BxH is coming with this pack!
If you collect BxH toys, you must know that "SKULL-KUN" is not always re-release and always SOLD OUT, that is why this Bounty Hunter x atmos x Packer Shoes x Reebok collaboration became collectible!
Why we wrote this suddenly? Not just because of tell you guys this pack is available in our store, also because of the 2nd collaboration of Bounty Hunter x atmos x Reebok is coming out this coming 16th Dec 2017, same as the 1st one, one vinyl toy is coming in this pack and this time is "Sameru-Kun", another iconic from BxH ! The materials of the shoes changed and "Sameru-Kun" design concept was shown on the shoes. It is fun but maybe too loud for someone right?

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