Camper 2019春夏系列新第一波! 與巴黎攝影師Pierre-Ange Carlotti合作拍攝,由Camper創意總監Romain Kremer 設計了風格獨特的 「Pullover」 膠囊系列- 靈感來自舒適複雜的套頭衫服裝。 採用全新的紡織方法,以嶄新觸感設計概念,為2019春夏系列打響頭炮。

The layers come off for an all-new editorial to kick off Camper’s S/S 2019 new collection. Teaming up with Paris-based photographer Pierre-Ange Carlotti for the shoot, Camper Creative Director Romain Kremer presents the “Pullover” capsule — inspired by the cosy and complex textures of pullover garments. Playing with the idea of tactility, hybrid styles are reimagined for S/S 2019 with a fresh approach to textiles.

CAMPER Pix” slip-on (black, white) - HKD1,499

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