Converse與JW Anderson在時裝路上可謂南轅北轍。JW Anderson設計前衛,經常把高級時裝推向新的極限,而Converse則是大眾化的經典球鞋,兩者的矛盾正好促成了今次合作。兩大品牌攜手宣揚和探索「兩走極端,互補不足」的大膽概念。

萬眾期待的Converse x JW Anderson聯乘企劃第一炮「Glitter_Gutter」即將面世,這個系列以Converse的經典之作配搭大膽色系、華麗閃粉和改良細節,在傳統的男、女裝之間悠然起舞,而且還邀請了著名的攝影師/導演 Larry Clark 負責這系列的造型照和宣傳片!


Glitter_Gutter的設計概念源自為經典鞋款製造意想不到的效果。」設計師Jonathan Anderson表示:「比如,穿上這對閃閃發亮的球鞋,配搭一條洗水斜布褲。」

全新的Converse x JW Anderson 鞋履系列將於20171214(星期四)推出

 Converse and JW Anderson exist at opposite ends of the fashion spectrum. The space between JW Anderson’s forward-thinking design pushing high fashion’s boundaries, and the iconic, made-for-everyone sneaker creates the driving force behind this collaboration. Together, the brands celebrate and explore the provocative, daring space of opposing ideas and complementary ideals.

The first drop from the highly anticipated Converse x JW Anderson collaboration intentionally dances across the lines of what’s traditionally considered masculine and feminine through bold colors, glam glitter and elevated details across classic Converse styles. Converse & JW Anderson invited famous photographer & Filmmaker Larry Clark, to direct the short film and the photography styling this time, the theme is outstanding with strong feeling. 

“Glitter_Gutter stemmed from the idea of breaking iconic silhouettes with something unexpected,” says designer Jonathan Anderson. “Taking the glitter out of context and wearing it with a pair of washed chinos, for example.”

 The new Converse x JW Anderson collection will launch at Thursday, December 14, 2017.

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