Puma Suede 50th anniversary x Fubu collection

如果有留意 90年代 Hip Hop,那些 Rapper 他們無論是在 MV 還是電視、雜誌等等,總常穿上 Fubu 的運動套裝。大大的 Logo,非常多色的選擇,絲絨的物料,都是當時令人印象深刻、紅極一時的設計,絕對是街頭文化其中一個很重要的品牌。

不經不覺 Fubu 已成立 25 年,或許之前的時段大家早已忘記 Fubu,但近年 90 年代潮流的回歸,直到今年 Old Skool Hip Hop 的風潮更強勢,都喚醒大家對 Fubu 的印象,然而更重要是,街頭文化史上最重要的鞋款- Puma Suede 50周年,邀請了 Fubu 合作推出完整系列,將 90 年代風潮再次重現!

系列怎可以沒有運動套裝,男生就以最經典的絲絨製作,而女生就用上 French Terry 棉布再配上 Satin 色丁綢緞;胸前大 Logo 設計自然是必備的!至於 Puma Suede 當然是 Suede 作為鞋身,金色的 Logos 絕對耀目!整個系列以黑紅色為主,就是兩品牌最經典色調!

If you are into 90s Hip Hop, Fubu is everywhere in those MV, on the rappers...their tracksuits just too iconic with their Logo on it, coming with very nice colours like sky blue & made with velvet is just too classy, definitely is one of the most important brand in the street culture & now they are 25th years.

Maybe these years you all may forget what Fubu is but thanks to the 90s retro style some of you may remember the Fubu tracksuits. On the other side, one of the most important sneakers in the history - Puma Suede is 50th Anniversary in this year, two iconic brand in street culture and 90s Hip Hop teamed up to reborn this classic 90s retro collection!

The tracksuit for men is coming with velvet and for women is French Terry + Satin, big Logo on the chests & the back. For the suede, golden logos on it just too good, the whole collection in Black Red, the classic colorway of Fubu & Puma Suede.

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