Converse 攜手先鋒時裝設計師王逢陳,於10月13日在上海聯合打造“真的有故事”時尚大秀。延續其今年七月在紐約時裝周春夏新品發布會“MY HALF” 的理念,重新改造百年曆史的 Chuck Taylor All Star。王逢陳表示:“如果你非常注重自己的搭配,有一樣東西是必不可少的,那就是擁有一雙 Chuck Taylor”。此次大秀中,王逢陳還將首次呈現為Converse 獨家設計的時裝系列概念款,以其標誌性解構再造設計語言賦予了 Converse 經典單品全新的活力。

本次展出的是Converse 2018秋冬系列和Feng Chen Wang 2019春夏系列的服裝,以及經過二度創新後的兩款Chuck Taylor鞋款。共同打造的新系列的關鍵詞是“Half”,既有另一半的字面含義,又蘊含了她對於生活與工作取捨的妥協,甚至對於“朋友之上,戀人未滿”的思考。低幫的 Chuck Taylor由兩雙同色的鞋子切割重組,設計成獨特的涼鞋款式,穿插的搭扣保證了鞋子的功能性。高幫的Chuck Taylor則以不規則的雙層材料進行拼接,表達設計師對兩個“一半”的個體互相依賴的思考。兩款Chuck Taylor鞋型,共有五種顏色來呈現。 

衣服部分不僅包括多件Converse的拼接款式,也有Converse和Feng Chen Wang的相互交織。互相攀附在一起的襯衫、融成一件衣服的衛衣、有多餘裝飾性褲管的褲裝以及兩隻鞋子開半再縫合而成的拼接造型。用作品向觀眾自述,也把大膽、自由演繹到了極致。

而在發布會之前所舉辦的主題為“This is My Journey Through Life”的展覽,講述了王逢陳畢業至今每一個時裝系列背後的故事。而這正好契合Converse鼓勵個體發聲的最新品牌活動“真的有故事”的宗旨。 


這次Converse x Feng Chen Wang的聯合大秀是Converse”真的有故事”品牌活動中的首場盛大活動,希望可以藉此機會鼓勵年輕人大膽往前,忠於自我,用大無畏的態度為當代先鋒青年們發聲。

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Converse jointed forces with young fashion designer Feng Chen Wang for a runway collection held in Shanghai on Oct 13, 2018, themed “All The Stories Are true”, following her previous runway concept “MY HALF” that was featured at the SS18 New York Fashion Week. For this collection, she redesigned the Chuck Taylor All Star. “If you are into personal style, there’s one thing every single kid should have, and that’s a pair of Chuck Taylors.” said Feng Chen Wang. In this runway show, Feng Chen Wang split the classic Chuck Taylor in half and put the different halves together to express her personal fashion language. 

The show included the FW18 Converse collection, SS19 Feng Chen Wang apparel, and the reinvented Chuck Taylor capsule. The theme “HALF” showcased how the shoes were created, and represented her views towards her personal work-life balance and relationship. The low-top Chuck Taylors were made with 2 halves from the same products; one model wasmade specifically as a pair of sandals, with the buckles designed for both comfort and security. The high-top Chuck Taylors were made with 2 differentlayers, with irregular shapes, implying the designer’s personal thoughts of how people tend to rely on each other. The high and low top Chuck Taylors were both presented in 5 different colorways.

The apparel on the stage not only included Converse apparel that was mixed and matched, but also included pieces that were half Converse apparel and half Feng Chen Wang. T-shirts, hoodies,pants and shoes were all designed with multiple Converse layers, showcasingFeng Chen Wang’s bold and free spirit in collaborating with the brand.

Before the show, Feng Chen Wang presented the audience an exhibition called “This Is My Journey Through Life”. The exhibition told stories about her fashion collections after graduating, which also matched Converse’s new brand campaign concept of “All The Stories Are True”.

The 8 exhibition rooms unfolded the stories behind each collection, ranging from her SS16 collections to SS19 collection, with another story demonstrating the designer’s personal life. It was set to unveil the behind the scenes process of how a fashion collection was made.

The runway show of CONVERSE x Feng Chen Wang kicked off a series of events that Converse brought about under the theme of their campaign “All The Stories Are True”. Converse hopes that these events can encourage the youth to remain bold, passionate, honest and free. It represents the youth by showcasing the natural attitude that the youth emanate through their lifestyle.

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