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Nike x CLOT Men’s Soccer Jersey

今夏,CLOT主理人、設計師陳冠希(Edison Chen)參與設計了一款足球球衣產品,以慶祝即將到來的全球足球盛世。同時也為了慶祝自己的品牌CLOT成立15週年,陳冠希在經典的Nike Dri-FIT 單品上加以像徵他亞洲關係的文化烙印。球衣前面印有“十五”的字樣,胸前還繡有龍圖案,以此表達他對家鄉香港和中國傳統文化的敬意。

Global designer, entertainer and entrepreneur Edison Chen takes on Nike football style with a jersey collaboration just in time for the world’s biggest tournament. Celebrating his label CLOT’s 15th anniversary, Chen kicks up the culture on the iconic Nike Dri-FIT piece with symbolism honoring his Asian connections. The Chinese character for 15 features on the front, while an embroidered dragon at the chest pays homage to his hometown of Hong Kong and his Chinese heritage.


  • JUICE SW: 上環太平山街18A-B號地下
  • JUICE SH:  上海市靜安區巨鹿路832號
  • JUICE BJ: 北京市朝陽區三裡屯路19號院8號樓S8-15太古裡南區
  • JUICE CD: 成都市錦江區中紗帽街8號(成都遠洋太古里)[/二層] [2222]號商舖
  • JUICE TW:  台灣台北市敦化南路一段161巷38號
  • CLOT Paris期限店: 35 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth 75003 Paris France
  • JUICE LA: 801 Mateo Street, Los Angeles, 90021
  • CLOT Online Store:

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