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Reebok x Victoria Beckham x Shaquille O'Neal launched in Joyce

Reebok和 Victoria Beckham於2017年底首次宣布合作夥伴關係。兩個品牌均以設計激發信心和力量為名,Victoria Beckham 和 Reebok有著致力以女性為先的長久歷史。透過這次合作,Victoria 分享她和Reebok的目標是希望這個男女皆宜的系列融入主張,鼓勵他們充分發揮這些優點。

2018年頭,Victoria 宣布她設計了一系列展示了她對Reebok的熱愛以及Shaquille O’Neal 所代表的90年代標誌性時代的服裝。Victoria 還分享了Reebok x Victoria Beckham合作的第一個系列將於2018年底推出。該系列的目的是創造一個符合現代消費者需求的設計,融合健身和時尚,令每個人穿上都會喜愛和充滿自信的設計。系列將融合相方的激情和創造力,共同開展和推動運動服設計的新境界。

系列將於2018年7月26日起在置地廣場 Victoria Beckham發售。

Reebok and Victoria Beckham first announced their partnership in late 2017. Renowned for designs that inspire confidence, power and strength, Victoria Beckham and Reebok share this commitment with the brands’ longstanding history of putting women first. Through their partnership, Victoria shared that she and Reebok aim to give everyone the opportunity to harness these qualities by integrating unisex designs into the proposition.

At the beginning of 2018, Victoria announced that she has created a set of merch to showcase her love of the heritage of Reebok and the iconic 90s era that Shaquille O’Neal represents. Victoria also shared that the first collection from the Reebok x Victoria Beckham partnership will be introduced in late 2018. The aim of the collection is to create designs that speak to the needs of the modern consumer, fusing fitness and fashion to create designs that everyone will love and can feel confident wearing. The collection will fuse their combined passion and creativity together to push new boundaries in sportswear design.

Reebok x Victoria Beckham Collection will be available in Victoria Beckham, LANDMARK from July 26, 2018.

Victoria Beckham - 213 LANDMARK, Central 香港中環置地廣場213

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