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Team Cozy | About the FW17 Box Design

如果你已買過Team Cozy 的產品,不難發現Box Logo 常出現在他們的產品,特別是今季,受歡迎的同時Box Logo已成為了他們每季Standard 系列的必有設計。

Box Logo 設計看上去簡單,但每次設計時要保持簡約經典的感覺卻不易,特別是要將每季的主題元素加入,而最後在生產、特別服裝生產時會遇到很多問題,就像今季的Multi Block Box LogoBox 內有很多色塊堆砌,每個色塊都有不同色,要在絲印上控制色準、邊緣銳利是不容易,只要有輕微顏色重叠便成為損毀,另一件Histogram其實必是;簡單的Box Logo 看上去像是線條砌成,絲印的邊緣銳利清楚是基本要求,但最重要的卻在設計師,好好將空間設計令Logo 看上簡約時尚經典,這才是難度!

Team Cozy Box Logo 系列都已於實體店和網店同時有售。

Maybe fans will notice that Team Cozy used lot of Box Logo designs in this FW17, actually box logo is their classic logo and it is for their standard products in every season.

Box Logo always look simple and classic but when you design it you will face a lot of problems like adding themes and specially on clothing productions, like FW17, multi block box logo is coming with lot of colours, this is not easy to do on silkscreen(but they did), every single block have the clean edge not overlay on others, this is easy to cause damaged and actually the histogram one is the same. But the simple one like just outlined is not that easy, this need a clean & good silkscreen(actually must have standard level in clothing productions) but most important part is their design have good spacing & feeling to make it look fashion and classic.

The Team Cozy Box series is available now, come to our Store or buy it online.

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