由日本服裝及平面藝術設計師倉石一樹主理,備受期待的系列第二波產品以The North Face Urban Exploration 2018冬季的Seamless主題創作。 「在我眼中,Seamless意味著你可以把衣服穿搭去工作,也可以作為週末的悠閒服飾。」倉石一樹解釋道:「所以這個系列沒有任何界限。我認為“Seamless”這個概念是指不論場合、地點或心情如何,你都可以隨意穿搭這些衣服。」

The North Face Urban Exploration 一直以實用與時尚兼備為設計重點 ,將高品質的戶外機能服裝以城市風格呈現出來。倉石一樹以他獨特的日式極簡風格,結合了優質物料和創新細節,展現了他所擅長的高機能街頭風格。他認為「功能應該走在設計之前」,故此在所有單品中加入了高端而實用的服裝科技及精密的細節,打造這個可穿性極高的Kazuki系列。

Kazuki系列第二波產品3 件備受注目的單品均融入了The North Face的「可穿戴技術」:

  • Seamless Gore-Tex® 雙層外套(HKD4,690):以TNF標誌性的1990 Mountain Jacket 為原形,加入經典的12-Pocket Tactical Vest軍事背心的口袋設計,防水透氣同時機能感滿載。
  • Seamless 羽絨外套(HKD4,690):將The North Face的經典1990 Mountain JacketKazuki的簽名式格紋圖案呈現,並改造成配備550 RDS灰色鵝絨內膽及WindWall®防風功能的羽絨外套。
  • Seamless 夾綿外套Padded JacketHKD2,990):多口袋的軍用外套設計帶裝飾元素而同時富實用性,採用Cordura®Pertex®物料, 觸感柔軟,經久耐用,內襯Primaloft®裡布,具撥水性又保暖。


  • Shelter 菱格紋棉襖外套(HKD2,190/ Shelter 菱格紋棉襖Charlie 褲子(HKD1,590):由上衣到褲款都採用菱格紋縫線,這套Primaloft®套裝既輕盈又保暖。
  • Seamless絨毛外套(HKD1,890/ Seamless絨毛連帽衛衣(HKD1,190/ Seamless絨毛 Delta 褲子(HKD1,490):以現代款式重新詮釋復古的 90 年代 Sherpa Fleece絨毛材質,帶來舒適溫暖秋冬造型。
  • Seamless Alpha圓領衛衣(HKD1,190/ Seamless Charlie圓領衛衣(HKD1,190):兩款衛衣都以輕巧耐用的Cordura®材質製作,並加入多口袋設計,低調和實用性兼備。

倉石一樹是一位知名的「功能性街頭服裝」設計師,其職業生涯始於為NIGO主理的日本品牌A Bathing Ape擔任設計實習生;及後於 fragment design 裡在藤原浩的指導下成長。今天,倉石一樹創造了屬於自己的標誌性風格,完美結合了簡潔的「生活美學」和「可穿性高」兩個特點,始終如一地創作高機能街頭服飾。

Created in collaboration with Japanese designer/graphic artist Kazuki Kuraishi, part two of this highly anticipated collection is focused on his interpretation of TNF Urban Exploration’s “Seamless” theme. “In my mind, ‘Seamless’ means that you can wear it to work, and also on the weekend,” Kazuki explains, “so there aren’t really any boundaries. I perceive ‘Seamless’ as clothes you can simply wear, no matter the occasion or place or mood.”

Attuned to TNF Urban Exploration’s vision to balance utility with fashion — where high-quality outdoor-inspired silhouettes are translated for the urban setting — Kazuki has created a unique modern-street look that combines premium materials and innovative details with his distinctive Japanese-minimalist styling. Known for creating a very wearable style elevated by technical/utility elements and decorative finishes, Kazuki says “function came first before design” in this collection.

Incorporating TNF’s modern “wearable technologies” in his designs, the second-drop Kazuki collection features three key outerwear pieces:

  • Seamless Gore-Tex® Jacket (HKD4,690): Fusing the functional multi-pocket design of a 12-pocket tactical vest with TNF’s iconic 1990 Mountain Jacket, this waterproof and breathable piece includes a Gore-Tex® two-layer shell with seam-sealed construction;
  • Seamless Down Parka (HKD4,690): TNF’s iconic 1990 Mountain Jacket is reimagined with Kazuki’s signature check pattern. Reconstructed with 550 RDS grey goose down filling, the hooded parka features WindWall® wind resistance;
  • Seamless Padded Jacket (HKD2,990): A multi-pocket military jacket design with decorative-utility elements, made with a Cordura® and Pertex® soft-feel quantum shell for durability, and lined with lightweight Primaloft® for water resistant, breathable insulation.

Meanwhile, street-casual items in padded quilting, seamless fleece and durable Cordura® offer exceptional winter warmth with contemporary styling:

  • Shelter Padded Cardigan (HKD2,190) / Shelter Charlie Padded Pants (HKD1,590): Embrace head-to-toe quilted padding this winter with this Primaloft® insulation set that’s lightweight and warm;
  • Seamless Fleece Jacket (HKD1,890) / Seamless Fleece Pullover (HKD1,190) / Seamless Fleece Delta Pants (HKD1,490): Vintage 90s Sherpa fleece is reinterpreted in modern silhouettes for a full-outfit look that’s comfortable and warm;
  • Seamless Alpha Crew Sweater (HKD1,190) / Seamless Charlie Crew Sweater (HKD1,190): Two sweater designs in lightweight, durable Cordura® come in multi-pocket designs for understated style and utility.

Famed as an exceptional “functional streetwear” designer, Kazuki’s career began as an intern for NIGO at the iconic Japanese brand, A Bathing Ape; and flourished under the mentorship of Hiroshi Fujiwara of fragment design. Today, he’s evolved his own signature style that combines a clean “lifestyle aesthetic” with an “easy to wear” approach — yet, always with technical acumen.



  • 金鐘 太古廣場 金鐘道88 1148
  • Shop 148, 1/F, 88 Queensway, Admiralty 


  • 銅鑼灣 希慎廣場 軒尼詩道500 4408
  • Shop 408, 4/F, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay 


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  • Shop G13, G/F, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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