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RAFF x Visual Orgasm Tattoo Studio "Left Hand Path" Cotton Tencel Tee

Item Number: RAFF-VO-Tee

Color: White / Black Printed

Launch: 2018-08

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    3 71 22 50 56


    RAFF invited our friend from Singapore's Visual Orgasm Tattoo Studio, tattooist Joseph, to illustrate this graphic titled "Left Hand Path" for this American-style front and back print Tee design.

    We searched for high quality fabrics from Japan, and finally decided to use this rather rare 60% Cotton 40% Tencel double woven fabric for this collaboration. Tencel is a new environmentally friendly materials made by Lyocell fiber, known in Chinese as "Tiansi cotton" that have appeared in recent years.

    Although they are not silk cotton, they have almost the same silky smooth texture as silk, and compared with cotton, Tencel has very strong ventilation and quick-drying performance, so the production cost is higher, common in high-end fashion brands. 40% Tencel's and 60% high-quality cotton and the rare double-layer weaving method makes the fabric soft and drape naturally, resulted in a more fitting cut but yet feel soft and dry for the all kind of seasons. We worn this in 36 degrees weather, almost no wet and sweaty smell, also we tested a while and the tee keep it white, not turned into yellow.

    In addition, the printing is also slightly different this time. Based on the double weave of the fabric, the fabric has a checkered texture, making it more difficult for the printing process . We took great effort in over coming this and also achieve a more prominent print effect.

    RAFF and Joseph both love PUNK ROCK, as reflected by the theme of this graphic. We decided to cut the collar , sleeves and shirt hem to enhance the Rocker feel. With the RAFF Relax Style cutting, it is easy to match for any occasion.

    RAFF 邀請了新加坡的 Visual Orgasm Tattoo Studio 好友,刺青師 Joseph 為我們繪畫了名為 "Left Hand Path" 的圖案,透過兩單位喜歡的美式前後印花 Tee 設計,將這幅漂亮的圖案展現。

    雖然我們喜歡這傳統美式設計,但在材質上卻一直覺得不夠好,所以我們從日本搜尋高質的布料,最終用上這份頗為罕見的 60% Cotton 40% Tencel 雙層編織布,Tencel 是利用 Lyocell 纖維製造的環保物料,中文有人稱為「天絲棉」,是近年出現的新布料,雖然不是真絲棉,卻有著幾乎和絲般一樣的絲光軟滑質感,而且相比棉花,Tencel 有著非常強大的透氣和速乾性能,因此製作成本高,常見於高級時裝品牌,所以今次能用上這布料是很不錯。

    40% Tencel 的光滑觸感令人愛不釋手,配合60%優質棉,加上已較罕見的雙層編織方式,令到布料軟滑有下墜感,較為貼身,但因為軟滑和乾爽,所以在夏天穿上是絕無問題,甚至已測試過,在36度陽光底下穿上,幾乎沒有濕透和汗臭感,Tencel 和高質棉就有著這種威力。


    最後就是另一個細節,RAFF 與 Joseph 都很愛PUNK ROCK,這個圖的出現便基於此,所以最後我們決定為衣領、手袖、衫下擺處都剪成捲邊設計,增強Rocker 感覺,所以領部會比一般較寛,配合RAFF Relax Cutting 剪裁,都是很容易配撘。

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